CSD 223

Speech Transcription

To complete your transcription homework assignments you will need to use Phon. You can download it for free here. Once you have downloaded the program, you will need to make a master folder where you can put your downloaded homework assignments. I would recommend just making a folder on your computer's desktop so that it is easy to find. I labeled mine: CSD_223. Each of the homework assignments are in a separate .zip folder that you will need to download and then unzip in order to access the files. Place the entire unzipped folder in your master homework folder. By keeping everything within this master folder, Phon should be able to find the files easily. You can also watch the videos below to help walk you through the steps you will follow for each assignment.

Phon Practice File

You can download this file to practice using Phon and Libre Office.

  • Phon Practice File
  • Phon Step One

    Phon Step Two

    Phon Step Three

    Phon Step Four

    To view and print your transcriptions, you will need to download Libre Office here.