CSD 6622

Speech Transcription and Analysis

Along with using Phon in my research program, I also use the program in my graduate level course CSD 6622: Advanced Management of Speech Sound Disorders. I use Phon in this course in two different ways. One, students are given a variety of disordered speech samples that they must transcribe. The structure and design of Phon makes it very easy for transcription to occur since the audio file of each word is segmented out of the larger audio file. In addition, students complete a case study of a single child with a severe speech sound disorder. To help the students complete all of these tasks, I created screen shot videos describing each of their weekly tasks.

The speech probe that I primarily use in my research and in my class is the Protocol for the Evaluation of English Phonotactics (Little Peep; Barlow, 2013). A powerpoint of all the pictures, and all of the scoresheets can be downloaded for free from the SLPath website.

Downloading and installing Phon and Libre Office

Phon setup with no template

Phon setup with a template

To download the below .xml files, right click and then select: save link as.

  • Phon project .xml file
  • GFTA3 template .xml file
  • PEEP template .xml file
  • Linking audio in Phon

    Segmenting audio in Phon with no template

    Segmenting audio in Phon with a template

    Phon transcription

    Alignment of transcriptions

    Analysis: Individual Sound Accuracy

    Analysis: Percent Consonants Correct: PCC

    Analysis: Sound Substitutions

    Analysis: Phone Inventory

    Analysis: Phonological Processes

    Analysis: Word and Syllable Accuracy

    Installing AutoPatt Phon Shell Script

    AutoPATT analysis: Phonetic and Phonemic Inventories

    Analysis: PATT (paper)

    AutoPATT analysis: PATT

    Old Analyses

    Phonetic Inventory

    Phonemic Inventory

    Phonological Assessment and Treatment Target Selection (PATT)

    Proportion of Whole Word Proximity: PWP