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Brain and Behavior Phon Steps

To help the students in my lab learn the various steps necessary for using Phon in our data entry and analysis, we created a series of short videos. Obviously these steps are specific to my Mac computer/server system. Other programs that we use besides Phon are: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Amadeus Pro, and Libre Office. Theoretically if you have these programs, you should also be able to incorporate Phon into your data analysis process.

Editing the Phon Spreadsheet

Linking Audio in Phon: Stage 1, Part 1

Linking Audio in Phon: Stage 2, Part 2

Linking Audio in Phon: Stage 2

Linking Audio in Phon: Stage 3

Segmenting words in Phon

Cutting words in Phon



Saving Transcriptions

Blind Transcription