Speech Treatment Techniques

I do not claim to be a master clinician, however I have learned some tricks that may help you elicit better speech sound productions from your clients.

Basic Treatment Ideas

A key part of being a sucessful clnician is being able to manage the behaviors of your young clients. You need to recognize when a child is truly misbehaving, and when the child is needing sensory input. Being able to manage the sensory needs of your clients can truly mean the difference between a successful session and a session that goes off the rails. In addition, basic speech treatment techniques such as segmenting words into separate phonemes and teaching your clients to self-monitor with production ratings will potentially improve your client's treatment outcomes. We are currently using Forbrain to provide our clients with immediate auditory feedback via bone conduction. It is our hope that this feedback will help our clients perceive accurate and inaccurate speech productions more easily, leading to faster progress.

  • Behavior Management
  • Sensory Activities
  • Sound Segmentation
  • H-Insertion
  • Cueing
  • Production Rating
  • Forbrain
  • Treatment Word Selection
  • Phonological Processing Activities

  • Sound Shaping

    There are many ways to elicit sounds, and one book that I believe is invaluable to the clinician working with children with speech sound disorders is Eliciting Sounds (Secord, 2007).

  • Eliciting /f/
  • Eliciting /l/
  • Eliciting /r/
  • Eliciting /s/
  • Eliciting "ch"
  • Eliciting "th"
  • Disordered Speech Examples

  • Treatment Theme Ideas

    While an experienced clinician should have a plethora of treatment ideas at his/her disposal, sometimes new clinicians need a bit of help coming up with engaging treatment activities. I primarily work with preschoolers and so I tend to organize my treatment sessions into themes. This allows me to vary my activities on a structured and regular basis so that my clients (and I) do not get bored doing the same activity day in and day out. Themes also are great for teaching kids specific vocabulary.

  • All Purpose Games
  • Theme: Bugs and Frogs
  • Theme: Dinosaurs
  • Theme: Fall
  • Theme: Farm
  • Theme: Food
  • Theme: Gingerbread
  • Theme: Halloween
  • Theme: Jungle
  • Theme: Mittens
  • Theme: Ocean
  • Theme: Penguins
  • Theme: Pirates
  • Theme: Space
  • Theme: St. Patrick's Day
  • Theme: Thanksgiving
  • Theme: Transportation
  • Theme: Valentine's Day
  • Theme: Winter
  • Theme: Winter Holidays